Install Instructions

  • Click the 'download now' button below to get the latest updates which will be downloaded to your computer / laptop. The file will be downloaded to your personal download area on your computer / laptop.
  • Once the download has completed you need to run the file named -> SEOLinkRobotPro_Setup.exe'
  • You must 'double click' the file to get all of the required updates. The file will remove the old files and replace them with the new updates.
  • Note: Non of your data files will be affected / modified or deleted due to any of the updates.
Note: If you get an error 'not a win 32 application' you have one of the following issues

1) Corrupt download (re-download the file)

2) You anti virus is blocking the saving of the download

Change Log

Version 1.3.6

  • Several social bookmark fixes to signup, posting + new sites
  • Fixes to several article sites + new posting code rewrite
  • New web 2.0 account added
  • New article sites added
  • New social sites added
  • additional solvemedia captcha updates added
  • added support for GSA Captcha Breaker auto captcher solving software 'download trial here'
  • Added the ability for users to add in standard wordpress sites to create/post