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Automate your rankings and save months of effort using Seo Link Robot to create authority links on sites that Google Loves.

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The only way to get website sales is to Increase your website traffic. Gaining powerful links literally forces google to send you traffic which you turn into sales.

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Seo Link Robot finds content for you and uses spin technology to generate unique content for your sites.

Automated Account Creation and Email Verification
Automatically creates accounts, breaks captchers and verify all emails on auto pilot. Saving you days of effort.
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Dear Friend and Internet Entrepreneur,

We know that SENukeX and Evo monthly subscription are expensive. I know, I’ve tried these in the past. People pay big bucks use these software packages, but you know what, you don’t need to be paying huge amounts any more for top class software.

But what if your just getting started or simply cannot afford to pay $157 each and every month? What then?

Many people see an obvious solution. Create your own web 2.0 sites, article postings, social bookmarking and rss promotions that generate links to you own web sites. And that’s GREAT! if you have the tremendous amount of time and knowledge needed. But if you don’t know your Title anchor text from your Tags, a rss feed from an social bookmark.
What are you to do?

Why Not Let A Pro traffic Builder Create Your web 2.0, Article Directories, Press Releases, Bookmarks and RSS Links Fast and on auto pilot.

It’s the perfect solution. Now you don’t need to spend hour on hour a day creating accounts, verifying emails, creating content, adding url’s, posting your content to several sites then submitting to several bookmarking sites and THEN doing rss promotion!!!

There is no need to spend several hours a day and waiting months trying to gain search engines ranking for your sites

INTRODUCING Seo Link Robot!!
Being on the internet you must by now have heard of the buzz regarding blogging, article marketing, social bookmarking, web 2.0, press releases and rss.
But most people do not understand that these sources can bring you literally a tsunami of traffic from google, yahoo, bing as well as rss syndication, social sites and blogs!

These possible traffic streams have a combined member number in the region of around 20 million+ members and these numbers are still growing…
20 MILLION+ Possible Customers

And this is only a small piece of the available traffic online…

What would you give to have the a piece of SEO Software that will remove 95% of your SEO tasks and efforts?

This Is What Seo Link Robot Will Do For You!!!!

Statistics For a new site
The statistics show ** Average of 17,500 Visits per month after using seo link robot automation suite!!!! **

Your site will get More Traffic then you can Imagine! Imagine more leads, more sales and more profits today!

SEO Link Robot will cause a dramatic reduction in your Internet Marketing Efforts,Time and Get you the results starting today!

You wont have to spend any more time learning SEO strategies and Traffic generation techniques. Forget the worthless e-learning courses and big learning curves…. You need Results now.. At Super Speed!
No other Seo software package comes close to ‘SEO Link Robot’ in successfully
SEO Link Robot will save thousands on Pay Per Click Search!

A huge portion of marketers are using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and other paid Search to get traffic to their web sites.

Start using Seo Link Robot and you can either reduce your PPC outlay to a minimum or stop your PPC spend altogether. You should get enough organic traffic naturally.
This traffic on its own can save you thousands of dollars! You not longer need to be a Pro Seo Guru to get the targeted traffic you want!
It will help you to completely dominate your market and destroy your competitors in the Search Engines!!
Seo Link Robot is a weapon, that you can use to give you an unfair advantage and enable you to take your business to a new level compared to your competitors! When your links start to take hold and be recognized by google, yahoo and bing your period of dominating the search engines will begin.

And believe me, your competitors will not be able to handle the rapid serps rise and rankings attributed to your web site! They will run for cover!

In ‘Seo Terms’ A web site becomes more popular as it gains links from other web sites, bookmarking sites, rss directories and social sites. When you use the incredible ‘Seo Link Robot’ software, your web site will gain a massive influx of super ranked juiced links within a matter of hour / days instead of waiting months!
That’s Cool… But How Can SEO Link Robot Benefit Me?
SEO Link Robot will explode your sales, potential leads and Sales and Profits from your web site!

More Traffic = More Leads = More Customers = More Sales = More Profit!

You may have an awesome web site but without enough targeted traffic, your web site is essentially worthless!
That will not be an issue when you have ‘The Robot On your Side’!
User Testimonials - What They Have To Say..
So, for any skeptics out there, here’s more proof from people just like you
As a new internet marketer who is constantly looking for the most efficient and affordable ways to build backlinks to my web sites, finding programs for web 2.0 site creations has been particularly challenging. Those that work well charge hefty fees every month, which is why I was so excited when I first heard about SEO Link Robot. Finally, an effective web 2.0 site building program without a high monthly subscription price! What’s more, I have found SEO Link Robot to be much easier to learn and use than many of its competitors. The interface feels very intuitive to me, and Steve Hawkins has also been very quick to respond to any questions I have had. SEO Link Robot will definitely be playing a key part of my link building strategy from now on!
John Wilsonmarketer
I just wanted to say wow, and I mean wow I have been a fan of yours for a while but you have outdone yourself with this beauty, I mean it’s just the muts nuts, honestly I can’t say enough good things about it, I have been marketing on the internet now for what 5 years and I love trying out new methods, techniques and I have come up with my own strategies, some bad ones and some great ones. But your software has lifted the best technique off the page and put them into one of the best systems I’ve come across, even the big one such as evo2 and senuke, (yes I’ve tried them all) are going to have to up there game to a whole new level, to be brutally honest I wasn’t too keen them all that much, some they seemed a little fixed you know kind of paint by numbers so you always get the same picture. But the playing field has changed SEO Link Robot takes my weeks work and turns it into a an hour and even then all I did was click start and then stuck the TV on, but the beauty of it was the human feel to it, I could change the link network so it’s not always the same it was straight forward easy to use, the article spinner was easy, in fact I think that’s the best word to describe your software its easy, it makes IM so much easier. John Wilson Just one last thing I just wanted to say thank you for the help and support you have provided since I first found you, you have been a gem and I know my list of SEOers and IMers have always more than happy with your products and support, so a great big thanks and keep up the good work, I’m off to watch some tv…..
Jigsaw GuyBusiness Owner
Steve has done it again! SEOLink robot has taken link building to another level. This unique product will save your hours of your time everyday. I really can’t believe how easy it is now to create web 2 accounts and mini-nets. If you have one or more sites you need to promote, then this is a must have piece of software. You can scale up bigger and faster than ever before. I always used to outsource this type of link building but not any more. What’s amazing is the fact that it’s also available at a one time fee. Software as important as this is nearly always a monthly high subscription. For me, it automates a whole bunch of SEO tasks and allows me to get more done in less time. To make money in IM these days you need seriously powerful tools, and you don’t get much more serious than SEO Link Robot.
All I can say is if this is from Steve then You will never have ANY worries because he takes care of you!!! The Best Customer Service and can always Buy knowing that you WILL be taken care of!!!
Chris Bradley
teve, looking forward to your new product, I know there have been questions since this is only a one time price if support would be an issue, I want to let everyone know that your support has always been great, you’ve been quick to reply and very detailed in your responses and most of all patient!! … If I was grading your support on a scale of 1-10, it would be an easy 10!
David MillerPPI Specialist
I’m a beginner when it comes to all things seo and internet marketing and only purchased steve’s Seo Link Robot software to help me get more customers and promote my financing site without the need to learn any seo apart from the basics. David Miller Well I’m now in the top 10 listing within 4 months for and i’m now doing so much business that I have had to take on extra staff to be able to handle all the new clients i’ve acquired. I would not hesitate to pay steve ten times more than what I’m currently paying to use this software. I’ve also told a number of colleagues to get the software if they want to expand their client customer base and generate a lot lot ore revenue

All testimonials are on file and verifiable.

See Seo Link Robot In Action.....
Note that the videos may look slightly different to the updated interface but the functionality is the same as shown and all interface details are shown within the included guides that come with the software.

The simple to use navigation panel is the hub of the robot itself and is very simple to use.
3rd Party Support
  • Automated Spin Syntax support using ‘The best spinner’
  • Automated Spin Syntax support using ‘Spin ReWriter’
  • Automated Spin Syntax support using ‘Spin Chimp’
  • Auto Email verification from all areas
  • Auto Captcha Solving support for ‘DBC’, ‘Image Typerz’ and ‘Decaptcher’.
Creating Campaigns
Campaign Video
Built In Features
  • Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot (30+ sites and growing)
  • Automatic Article Scaping using the inbuilt scraper
  • Uses either inline article or footer urls tag linking
  • Auto Spin Syntax insert functionality (The best spinner + spinner chief)
  • Spins and submits your articles and auto links url’s
  • Auto builds you backlinks from web 2.0 properties
  • Auto Social Bookmarks all of your links
  • Auto RSS feed submissions for your RSS feeds
Built In Features
  • Creates social bookmarking accounts on auto pilot
  • Spins your titles, keywords and descriptions on posting
  • Allows random site posting of your links
  • Auto Social Bookmarks your links on the top bookmarking sites
Built In Features
  • Creates rss accounts on auto pilot
  • Spins your titles, keywords and descriptions on posting
  • Auto RSS submissions for your Feeds to the TOP RSS directories
Built In Features
  • Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot
  • Creates mini networks from your web 2.0 properties
  • Chart
  • Auto builds you inter connected site backlinks to each web 2.0 properties
  • Spins and submits your articles and auto links url’s
  • Automatic Article Scaping using the inbuilt scraper
  • Find articles to post for your keywords
  • Auto Social Bookmarks all of your links
  • Auto RSS feed submissions for your RSS feeds
Built In Features
  • Automates the verification of your emails
  • Verify email settings
  • Uses SSL and Non SSL server connections
  • Verifies email links using browser and socket technologies
  • Auto Extracts passwords from emails
Built In Features
  • Automatic Captcha breaking
  • Supports Death b Captcher, image type and Decapcher Services
  • Failsafe’s built in to initiate manual input on multiple captcha failure
  • Settings area to set threads to use and also browser state
  • The Best Spinner/spinner cheif Settings Area to set spin quality + user and passwords
Built In Features
  • Auto fills keyword and url’s based on your last loaded web 2.0 profile
  • Pings 90+ major ping directories
  • Multi threaded technologies to reduce ping submission times
  • Meta Indexer technology submit to 30,000 meta stat types sites and pings each post
Built In Features
  • Creates article directory account on auto pilot(50+ top directory sites and growing)
  • Automatic Article Scaping using the inbuilt scraper
  • Auto Create ‘Random’ strcutures using simple article tags
  • Auto Spin syntax insert functionality (The best spinner + spin rewriter and spin chimp)
  • Spins and submits your articles and auto links url’s
  • Auto builds you backlinks from article directory properties
  • Automates the verification of your emails
Built In Features
  • Create Press Release accounts on auto pilot (top PR sites and growing)
  • Auto Create ‘Random’ structures using simple article tags
  • Auto Spin Syntax insert functionality using the Best Spinner API
  • Spins and published your Press Release
  • Auto builds your backlinks from article directory properties
  • Automates the verification of your emails
All you need to do is find your niche, keywords and fill in the creative content in the software.

Listen to the feedback from the marketers who have been using ‘seo link robot’ and these strategies to run hugely profitable online businessess.

If you are doing this stuff manually it will take days of work. Now you can do it on auto-pilot in minutes.

So, for any skeptics out there, here’s more proof from people just like you
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Automatic Email Verification

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Payment Includes a Personal 2-Machine Licence.
Runs on Windows xp/windows 7 and windows 8 Only
To run on a MAC the software needs to be ran within Parallels or VMWare
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the requirments to run the software?
To run the software you require Minimum Internet Explorer 8 and microsoft .net 3.5 installed on one of windows xp / windows vista / windows 7 or windows 8. To run on a MAC you need to run the software in VMWare or parallels with .net 3.5 installed and miniumum of internet explorer 8.

Is their a TRIAL version I can try before purchasing?
Of course.. The trial last for 5 days and will simply expire at the end of the 5 day period. >> Download the TRIAL HERE <<[/pbuilder_text]

Does the software package comes with a blueprint to follow to rank using the software?
Yes.. the software comes with a base blueprint to rank your sites. You use this as a basis for your own ranking strategies.

What if have questions? will I get support and help to answer them?
You will always get support for any aspect of the software and any help you need in other area of seo and rankings will be provided.
Disclaimer and Purchase Policy
This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or YouTube, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or YouTube.

The license purchased can be used on a maximum of 2 machines at the same time and is locked to a pc on verification of the keys. All licenses can be machine unlocked within the software via the settings area.

Any attempt to hack / digitally modify the licenses or share license information on black hat sites and forums will result in the license being banned and in such cases no refunds will be given. When the software is purchased it is accepted that you understand this policy and will abide by this policy.

All sales of products are final and are non-refundable (outside of the refund period as detailed above). By completing your purchase through PayPal, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods, regardless of the reason why.

We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any defective scripts, software or other products purchased from us, within a period of 60 days from the date of sale. Support for technical problems is available for the lifetime of the product.

The fee entitles all buyers to run the software on an unlimited number of sites and unlimited niches. All updates to the version you purchase are included in the fee (upgrades to new versions are not included only updates to the purchased version are included in the fee) and the license entitles the user to run the software on 2 machines at the same time.
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