Seo Hunters - Seo Video Series

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Seo Hunters - Full PLR Licence
You Get Basically Everything
  • All 8 SEO Videos are yours to rebrand
  • All Guides in Word format
  • All checklists in word format
  • You simply rebrand with your name or logo. Upload and make $$$
What Videos Do You Get PLR Rights To?
  • Video #1 - Into to panda and penguin and the main Ranking issues.
  • Video #2 - What Ad Penalties are and how to avoid them
  • Video #3 - The secrets of bounce rate. What is is and how it affects your website.
  • Video #4 - The truth about duplicate content and what you can do to about it
  • Video #5 - The essential pages that google needs to see to rank you
  • Video #6 - Articles, content and readability rules in place and why it affects rankings.
  • Video #7 [part 1] - offpage links and majestic seo
  • Video #7 [part 2] - offpage links and site explorer
  • Video #8 - Bonus panda and penguin tips for your site
What guides and check lists are included?
  • Guide #1 - Word Document covering panda and penguin Ranking issues.
  • Guide #2 - Word Document covering Ad Penalties
  • Guide #3 - Word Document covering bounce rate issues.
  • Guide #4 - Word Document covering Duplicate content.
  • Guide #5 - Word Document covering essential pages.
  • Guide #6 - Word Document covering Articles, content and readability.
  • Guide #7 - Word Document covering offpage linking
  • Guide #8 - Word Document covering social media.
  • Full website checklist that can be instantly used for client sites.
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